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Express Distribution offers to its clients a choice of well known brands from manifacturers with years of experience in their fields.

Димитър Маджаров месни

Dimitar Madzharov meat products

Established 25 years ago, Dimitar Madjarov Company is dedicated to the production of authentic flavored sausages, meat delicacies and dairy products. The meat factory in Plovdiv works according to the most modern methods and according to all modern requirements.

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It processes mainly Bulgarian chilled meats and its capacity is 25 tonnes products per day. The range of the meat-packing plant includes both pork and veal, as well as perishable and non-perishable sausages, raw-dried sausages and delicacies, cooked-smoked delicacies.

Димитър Маджаров млечни

Dimitar Madzharov dairy

In addition to meat production, Dimitar Madjarov also produces dairy products with high quality milk from first category farms. Its quality is checked at the entrance of the dairy, and several laboratories check different parameters in the production process. The dairy product portfolio includes white brined cheese, yellow cheese and rink of cows, sheep’s and buffalo’s milk, cow’s butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese.

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The portfolio of dairy products includes white brined cheese, cheese and rink of cows, sheep’s and buffalo’s milk, cow’s butter, cottage cheese, cream cheese.



Dexa Agro Ltd. builds its egg farm in the village of Bagryanka, Momchilgrad municipality, where the name Bagryanka comes from. The egg farm has been designed and built in accordance with the latest regulations and requirements of the European Union for the raising of humane poultry.

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The main idea of ​​the project is to provide consumers with products with proven added value, enriching the feed that feeds on organic Selenium, supplied by reputable American and French producers. In Bagryanka we are pride being the first natural brand Enriched with Organic Selenium Eggs on the Bulgarian Market!

Лакталис България – President

Lactalis Bulgaria – President

The leading brand in Lactalis Bulgaria’s portfolio is Président. For almost 50 years, Président has been offering the world a wide variety of delicious cheeses, butter and cream.

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President is the leading brand in Lactalis Bulgaria’s portfolio. For almost 50 years, Président has been offering the world a wide variety of delicious cheese, butter and cream.
Lactalis Bulgaria EOOD, part of the Lactalis Group, was officially registered as a trading company in Bulgaria in 2013. Since the beginning of 2014. the company is a direct importer and distributor of Lactalis Group products and trademarks.
Over the last years , the Lactalis product range has grown significantly and includes a wide variety of cheese, milk and dairy specialties, cream, oils, desserts, juices, baby foods, meat products and delicacies, functional foods for the food industry and nutritional supplements for athletes.



Stefanica” Ltd. represents on the Bulgarian market the largest producer of olives in Greece – Intercomm Foods SA for over twenty years. In addition to trading he has been managing a part of olive production – exported to Bulgaria.

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“Stefanica” Ltd. represents the largest producer of olives in Greece – Intercomm Foods SA on the Bulgarian market. For over twenty years it has been managing part of olive production – exported to Bulgaria. The range includes everything related to olives and olive oil – olives black sterilized, natural black, mud, green with and without pitted or stuffed with different nuts and fillings, raisins, olive paste, ready-made salads with raspberries and bruschetta, grilled olives. The olives we produce meet all European and world standards and quality requirements, for which we have the necessary certificates.The olive oil we distribute is of the highest quality and in convenient cuts. From extra cold pressed through Virgin olive oil and cooking grease to the salad mix of the establishments.Brands: Intercomm’s DELPHI and two own brands – OLYMPOS-99 and CALYPSO OLIVES.


Elliniko Classico

Elliniko Classico gives you the opportunity to taste delicious Mediterranean salads prepared by traditional Greek recipe – with typical Greek products. This contributes to their rich taste,

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which we is difficult to achieve if prepared at home.
We have selected the most typical Mediterranean cuisine flavors to offer and they are specific and recognizable. We bring to your attention salads Tzatziki, Melidzhana and Kyopolu, as well as the Tiro, Tirokafteri and Tarama. They can be consumed either as a salad or for eating or as a side dish to a main course. Soon, expect other surprises from us to touch the rich Mediterranean cuisine …

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